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12Sep22 What Killed More People — Twin Towers or Twin Injections? 9/11 Anniversary on 911th Day of Pandemic ”Emergency”

September 12, 2022

* On 21st anniversary of 911, Taliban pilots crash Blackhawk helicopter left for them by Biden, part of $85 Billion of weapons YOU bought.  Are you buying the narrative about Taliban precision 911 flying?
* Why is the "911 Mastermind" STILL awaiting trial?  What is the government afraid of?
* How is conservative press reporting 911? To push for biometric ID and eVerify
* How do casualty numbers of Twin Towers compare to the Twin Injections?  Trump's victims are ignored
* Controversy for years about who and how many were celebrating after 9/11 murders.  Why no controversy about Trump and others celebrating their Warp Speed murders?
* My personal story about Pentagon fraud office — ground zero for the missile
21 years after 9/11, Dems make it clear Patriot Act was created for patriots
* Memphis thugs celebrate the Facebook killings, want to make it about race this time
* De facto tracing of firearm AND AMMUNITION purchases by credit card.  UPS refuses to ship firearms

* Crushing taxes: Americans spend MORE on taxes than food, clothing and healthcare COMBINED, before Biden's IRS Audit Army

* SCOTUS John Roberts — still quiet about leaker or investigation


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