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Friday 4June21 DARPA & Johns Hopkins’ Self-Propagating Vaccines — NO Consent

June 4, 2021
  • Everyone MUST be vaccinated as establishment obsesses over ways to vaccinate without consent — or knowledge
  • GreatReset — from 19th Indian Reservations genocide and control to McDonald’s AI/Robotics and technocrats’ UBI
  • The OTHER vaccine lottery — where you get disabled for life and spend MILLIONS on medical care without compensation
  • The PANDEMIC “Vaccine Court” is even WORSE than the other vaccine court
  • Diary of a STASI Health Inspector’s Visits to Church
  • Hong Kong unable to commemorate Tiananmen Square Massacre — medical dictatorship lockdown accomplished what traditional communist crackdown could not


4:57 Hong Kong commemoration of Tiananmen Square being repressed. The “pandemic” lockdown has been a more effective tool of suppression than the communist crackdown

10:20 Indian Reservations — the 19th century forerunner of UN Agenda 21, UN 2030 Agenda and the Great Reset.  This is the plan for us all, in every nation.

19:36 Fear that Chinese wind farm in Texas is a threat to national security.  Can the CCP damage our grid anymore than the crony capitalism and greenwashing of the Texas GOP? 

21:02 McDonald’s gives a glimpse of the AI/Robotics takeover of jobs.  Bring on the stimulus as training for technocrats’ UBI (Universal Basic Income)

23:54 $18,000 for Invisible Sculpture? Give Fauci’s Job to THIS Guy.  He has a way to go to catch up to Fauci & Trump who sold an invisible pandemic to everyone for TRILLIONS

33:21 Teacher with concealed carry protects class from attacker.

40:49 TSA forces vaccinated people to wear masks.  Finger-pointing between it and another unconstitutional bureaucracy, CDC, ensues.  Throw in excessive fines from FAA and removal of due process.

51:54 Massive inflation is happening — wage inflation of 9% for manufacturing jobs and even with lumber prices skyrocketing, Biden DOUBLES tariffs.  He WANTS to burn down the American Dream (and establish Great Reset)

54:18 “You will own nothing” — CDC plan to bankrupt property owners and have bankers eventually foreclose, continues

1:02:29 California loses its war against churches in court

1:15:03 Diary of a Stasi Health Inspector.  The hilarious hit piece by mainstream media against James Coates’ church 

1:25:39 Losing the Vaccine Lottery: $1MILLION in Medical Bills & Disability for Life w/o Compensation

1:29:18 “Pandemic” Vaccine Court Even Worse Than the Other Vax Court

1:43:31 Transmissible Vaccines: Johns Hopkins & DARPA Weaponize Vaccine.  Forget “informed consent”.  You won’t even be told. And surprise — it works like AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson adenovirus vaccines

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