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Thursday 10June21 - Fauci IS Science & INTERVIEW: Ammon Bundy — for Idaho Governor?

June 10, 2021
  • You talking to me?  Chuck Todd, MSNBC, nervously & reverently asks Fauci to defend accusations that he’s a fraud & a liar.  Fauci makes it clear that he IS science and they show his correspondence with Morgan Fairchild, his wife, as proof. 
  • Senate wants to investigate Supreme Court Justices' travel — especially the late Scalia
  • A plant? Kamala’s suspicious “Univision reporter” (who wasn’t)
  • Moderna says they created the vaccine, along with Fauci & NIH, in only 2 weeks
  • Entire village in India has electricity shut down by govt because 40 families won’t take the jab.  Peer pressure is a key tool
  • BILLIONS spent on jab ads.  Nothing suspicious about govt obsession with vaccination, right?


2:03 Fauci & Chuck Todd — Pathological Liars Parody.  The celebrity doc even offered a defense based on his correspondence with actress Morgan Fairchild.  It looked like a reenactment of Jon Lovitz’s Professional Liars Anonymous skit. Or Fauci playing the role of Judge Dredd "I AM the law" or is it “science"?

7:26 Jim Jordan suspects Zuckerberg & Fauci colluding to censor & shut down debate and Luke Rudkowski says joke memes censored by Instagram

21:00 China returns to lockdown in province of Guangdong because 157 people are in hospital (they say with COVID) out of 115 MILLION.  Pandemic?

22:44 Andrew Lloyd Webber is done with lockdown — come and arrest me as he’s losing $1.4 per month to keep theaters closed

29:42 Letters from listeners — flight attendants far worse than TSA, and “breakthrough” of virus

31:33 Kamala Harris’ staff planted a “reporter” to praise her?

39:02 Investigation of Scalia’s Death?  A bipartisan call to audit the travel of Supreme Court Justices for the past 10 years, specifically mentioning Scalia.  My impressions of the Ranch where he died.

48:54 BILLION DOLLAR BRIBERY: How Do States, Feds, and Corporations Benefit.  $100M Vax Bribes in California; $3B Fed Bribes — what financial motivation might states, feds, and private corporations have to vaccinate everyond?  And, the latest Vax bribe: “Joint for Jab”. A couple of years ago they’d lock you UP for having marijuana.  Now they lock you DOWN unless you get the jab, then give you a joint and let you go

59:25 INTERVIEW: Ammon Bundy — for Idaho Governor?  Ammon Bundy,, joins to talk about efforts to resist GOP lockdown in Idaho and how establishment media & parties are slandering him & PeoplesRights in the press

1:31:13 Refuse Vaccine? Entire Village Has Electricity Cut Off as Punishment.  And to get peer pressure applied by the refusers’ neighbors.  Get ready for this type of strategy everywhere

1:38:11 Engineer explains that the injections are like an amateur computer hack


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