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Thursday 1July21 - India’s Bar Sues WHO Scientist for Deaths for Disinfo Campaign That Removed Ivermectin

July 1, 2021

* Fauci talks of TWO AMERICAS — vaxed & unvaxed — as he tries more fear-porn with the "delta" prevarication

* Civil case has been launched in India for WHO "scientist" whose censorship and vilification of ivermectin led to deaths increasing 10X's in one state

* YouTube censors info about ivermectin — will Google, bureaucrats, media & politicians be held accountable for the blood on THEIR hands?

* Kavanaugh agrees that CDC exceeded its authority BUT allows it to stand as a precedent

* Election chaos in NYC Mayoral elections — black liberal candidate whose lead is disappearing is accused of being Trump

* The cases of Cosby & Trump Org. Will there be further charges against Trump?


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