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Tuesday 8June21 - INTERVIEW: Alex Lasarev — Humor is Fatal to Tyranny

June 8, 2021
  • INTERVIEW: Alex “Sasha” Lasarev, comedian and freedom fighter — the man whose satire so outraged masked bike rider that the cyclist smashed his window
  • What’s behind the massive internet outage of government and media sites
  • Feds recover 52% of PIPELINE RANSOM — push narrative of Bitcoin being dangerous
  • Presidential corruption — from Bush family to Biden family
  • Fisher-Price faces outrage for 14 infant deaths in 10 years — what about #BigPharma?
  • Hospitalizations and deaths of vaccinated individuals from COVID TRIPLE in one month despite CDC rigging the numbers


1:54 Major outages on internet — our increasingly complex and fragile infrastructure

6:03 G7 agreement for 15% minimum corporate tax rate faces resistance — and there are issues beyond the usual corporate lobbying

1:12 Twitter censors Nigerian president so he censors Twitter and Twitter whines about censorship

18:28 FBI has rescinded its demand for USA Today to surrender IP addresses of everyone who read an article within a 35 minute window.  Even their reason for relenting is worrying.  And it shows they want the tech alliance Microsoft has put together, C2PA, to identify and track each of us.  Biden had criticized Trump DOJ snooping, but Biden has escalated

24:09 Hunter Biden was hired by Romanian tycoon to help overturn a bribery charge (who could possibly be a better expert on bribery) and Hunter brought in Louis Freeh (former FBI director).  And Neil Bush and Bush Foundation get millions from a Chinese organization marked by both Republicans and Democrats as a propaganda front organization for Chinese government

30:00 Judge reaches a verdict with Pastor James Coates in Canada.  And in Baltimore a confrontation between police and 1,500 member church de-escalates as police back down

44:40 AP & mainstream media are lying to you about vaccine heart issues with teens

54:46 The MECHANISM of HOW Warp Speed injections cause vascular, lung and brain disease with the “spike” protein

1:03:27 INTERVIEW: Alex Lasarev — Humor is Fatal to Tyranny.  Alex “Sasha” Lasarev,  Saul Alinsky was right when he said in “Rules for Radicals” that satire is the most devastating attack — there’s no answer for it (except to bust out Alex’s car window).  As our world becomes a humorless echo of Soviet Russia, Alex fights back with comedy.

1:31:43 Biden, Trump & Ron Paul on Federal Reserve as DOJ says they recovered half of the ransom money from the Colonial Pipeline hack.  Did cryptos dip yesterday because they dumped it?  Biden has signaled he wants to go after cryptos with the IRS. Trump hates Bitcoin and loves the Federal Reserve. Ron Paul sets the record straight.

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