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Wed 13Oct21 Airlines Ignore Abbott’s Weak Exec Order — Revolution Will Come from Grassroots

October 13, 2021
  • Airlines decide Abbott’s Exec Order is “All Hat, No Cattle” — unable to defeat a mere Press Release from Biden
  • For the woke aspect of Bond’s “No Time to Die” — look at the predictive pandemic programming plot line
  • AWOL GOP/Govs — Republican Governors and state legislative leaders are blocking effective measures to protect #InformedConsent by some Republican legislators doing what the grassroots wants
  • MUST HEAR: “Spartacus” Manifesto
  • SUPPLY SHORTAGES are here to stay — not an accident, but a business & political model
  • Merck’s new “therapeutic” COVID pill isn’t just a model of corporate greed and regulatory capture — it’s also part of the new breed of DNA drugs and scientists are sounding the alarm


2:04 AWOL Toothless GOP Governors: “All Hat, No Cattle”. No teeth in TX Executive Order.  GOP governors across the country — AR, TN, SD,OK, IN specifically covered — are fighting the small resistance within GOP controlled legislatures.  Big companies (like Southwest & American) WANT to fire people even though there is currently NO Biden Exec Order, NO OSHA rule.

29:11 The Revolution Will NOT Be Televised — or on Social Media. A revolution has started.  We didn’t start it — they did.  A year ago.  But we will finish it or they will finish us

1:11:44 Anonymous SPARTACUS: Defiant, Detailed, Comprehensive. Anonymous “SPARTACUS” letter lays out, in detail and defiance what has happened and what we will not allow to happen

1:26:26 “No Time to Die” Pandemic Predictive Programming. Who knew? What a coincidence.  Joins Contagion and even Kingsmen: The Secret Service.  And the ratings on Fauci’s hagiography show media is trying to conceal that the public ain’t buying the BS

1:33:19 Canada church persecution continues on its Thanksgiving Day

1:37:02 Fauci hagiography’s reviews and box office are as big a cover-up as his “science"

1:40:08 Melbourne’s lockdown fatigue.  Popular at first, the population has now turned

1:58:54 Merck’s Dangerous DNA-Altering Therapeutic. Just when you thought it was about unmitigated greed and corruption, something deeper is involved

2:33:10 Listener letters.  Mandates look like the George Bailey treatment for millions of people, fired just before Christmas.  Is Trump Cyrus or Nebuchadnezzar?

2:39:05 Father whose 9th grade daughter was sexually molested by male in a skirt thanks to LGBT policy is thrown out of School Board meeting, beaten, bloodied and arrested

2:42:35 The collapse of supply chains and scarcity is permanent.  It’s a business model for the globalist multinationals.


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