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Wed 24Nov21 “You Don’t Have to Vax Your Kids — Just the Ones You Want to Keep”

November 24, 2021
  • “You Don’t Have to Vax Your Kids — Just the Ones You Want to Keep.” Over 600 days of unchecked, raw, dictatorial power has turned politicians (and social media mob) into monsters, thirsting for more power and threatening everyone.
  • Lootin’ Leftists — crime wave unleashed by “progressive” District Attorneys continues to spread and is affecting national chains. All the top Democrats are involved directly
  • Biden’s phony release of Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) after he has been focused for his first year on destroying production.  What effect will it have?  What is Biden true intention?
  • Here’s what DeSantis & Florida’s Special Legislative Session passed to restrict covid tyranny as Los Angeles prepares to kick 44,000 kids out of school for being unvaccinated…
  • Bloodshed and terror attacks on Christians in Nigeria as Biden cynically removes the country from list of those involved in religious persecution


11:27 LOVE Mandates, LOVE Vaccines — or You’re ANTI-VAXER Even IF You Get the Jab!  WATCH: Australian politician says you must love mandates, not just obey them.  Totalitarianism by definition.  Unchecked power for nearly 2 years has turned politicians into greater monsters

23:42 AUSTRIA: “You Don’t Have to Vax Your Kids — Just the Ones You Want to Keep.”  It’s coming worldwide.  In fact, the German Gesundheit vaccinators use the English “LOCKDOWN” without translation. Quotes from politicians, media and the “social media mob” show the Austrian & German mindset is back to where it was 80 yrs ago

55:08 Seriously? Biden says Americans got richer thanks to vaccines and COVID policies.  Well, at least 9 became multi-billionaires.  But look at this astounding metric of wealth concentration.  And the plan is to increase prices of not just cars, but HOUSES, to price common people out of the market

1:06:04 In case you thought we had reached peak depravity and authoritarianism, Howard Stern, who made millions off his perversions says he might run for President to deal with these “anti-vaxers”

1:15:25 Hilarious Ryan Long satire showing the doublethink of liberals now cheering one of the wealthiest corporations — Pfizer!

1:18:27 Drug stores, Walgreens/CVS/Walmart lose in court over pushing opioids

1:36:54 Biden’s Strategic Destruction of Energy: Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). Biden says you can save $1,000/yr in gasoline if you buy a $112,000 electric car. What effect will releasing the SPR have on gasoline & heating prices? Here’s the numbers.  Biden says the private sector is not keeping up with demand.  But here’s what Biden has done to block production.

1:54:06 Lootin’ Leftists: Progressive DA’s Unleash Chaos Thru Crime. Marxist backgrounds, these domestic terrorists, elected with Soros money are aiding & abetting a crime wave that is spreading nationally

2:30:03 Rittenhouse blames his former lawyers, Lin Wood & John Pierce, for his being kept in jail for an excessive time.  Says they exploited him for fame, attention, and money. 

2:34:55 “Big League Politics” says new Jan6 footage from FBI shows Capital Police beat a 34 yr old woman — to death

2:35:36  Nigerian Christians are continue to be slaughtered in massive numbers by Muslims allied with the government.  Biden just removed Nigeria from the list of nations engaging in religious persecution

2:44:02 DeSantis & New FL Laws: Will They STOP Vax Tyranny?  Here’s what passed in the Special Legislative Session.  And in Los Angeles, 44,000 kids are about to be kicked out of school for being unvaxed. Oklahoma bill to allow workers to sue employers for a million dollars if injured after vax mandate


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