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Wednesday 16June21 - Marxism is NOT Coming…It’s ALREADY Taken Control

June 16, 2021

* Jon Stewart mocks the "bat kissed a pangolin" narrative. "Corporate Colbert" and the Fauci cult can't handle it
* Marxists give American composer the EXACT SAME treatment Shostakovich got in Stalinist Soviet Union.  It's NOT "cancel culture" — it's unrefined Marxism  
* Southern Baptist convention turns hard left, electing a president who supports Marxist CRT & intersectionality
* Do you have the heart to send your child to college if they're required to get the injection that is damaging hearts of young people without any risk from virus?  Arizona governor issues exec order to stop university from requiring the jab.  Will the university do it anyway?
* Corporation that owns over 100 malls declares bankruptcy, supply chain chaos for importing from China and massive inflation & shortages in food



1:54 “Corporate Colbert” Can’t Handle Truth & Satire From Stewart.   “How long have you been working for Ron Johnson” he asks Jon Stewart as the retired mentor brings back comedy (and truth) to the “Late” Show where it died long ago

27:10 American Composer, Daniel Elder, Cancelled EXACTLY Like Shostakovich.  The story of Daniel Elder illustrates that life in America has become like life in the Soviet Union under Stalin.  It’s not “cancel culture” — it’s MARXISM

48:12 North Korean refugee escapes to West and finds Marxism at Ivy League university WORSE. Admiral, Chief of Naval Operations, refuses to disown racist conspiracy theory in book he gave to all sailors

1:02:21 Southern Baptist Convention fails the litmus test — elects Ewok (woke?) pastor as President

1:06:59 More arrests of Pastors, vandalism and hatred of Christians escalating in Canada

1:26:44 Listeners letters — doctors were pushing fake pandemics and vaccines in the 1800s and asymmetric warfare

1:34:26 Is College Worth the Injection Risk?   A new, absurd cost to be factored in — mandated jabs.  A battle erupts in Arizona between Gov Duty and ASU over jab mandates, masks and social distancing for students in the fall.


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