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Wednesday 21July21 — Gain of Function? Govt and Fauci Are a Virus That’s Gained LETHAL Function

July 21, 2021
  • Gain of Function? The timeline, NIH documents, and peer scientists and organizations that show that Fauci is not only lying, but a war criminal
  • “Life’s most important pleasures and opportunities” will “depend on vaccination status” as global politicians admit the agenda Biden is still trying to hide
  • UK proposes makingembarassing the government” a crime, punishable by 14 yrs in prison
  • Lawsuit exposes CDC running” separate set of books” on vaccine death tallies
  • Pingdemic” — the tyranny of tracking apps is a WORST disruption to supply lines than the lockdown with “essential businesses” allowed to operate
  • Soros & Gates get in on the ground floor of the next wave of “testing”.  It’s NOT philanthropy
  • TX Democrat “fleebaggers” show Covid spreading from fully vaxxed to other fully vaxxed — and White House admits it’s hiding cases of staff
  • Are billionaire ego-trips to space the beginning of an era or the continuation of an error of crony capitalism?  And, the difference between the Wright brothers and the band of billionaires


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