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Fri 17Jun22 Biden Exec Orders To Push TransKids & Abortion

June 17, 2022
  • Biden's executive order to push "gender affirmation" mutilation & chemical poisoning of kids
  • Biden's executive order to prohibit "conversion therapy" is thinly veiled censorship of religious exercise
  • Florida is the ONLY state to NOT order Trump Shots for children and says they have NO intention of doing so
  • Chinese official paper forbids US seeking self-sufficiency in rare earth minerals — says any such attempt would "spark World War 3"
  • Dr. Simone Gold, America's Frontline Doctors, sentenced to jail for speech given at Capital
  • Ghislaine Maxwell's attorneys claim conspiracy to murder her for hire
  • INTERVIEW: The Balloon Bursts! Can we stop the march to World War? Gerald Celente,
  • As FDA approves jabs for babies, Fauci admits no efficacy but won't admit how much money he was paid by BigPharma
  • Biden, a year ago, said inflation was not a problem.  Now inflation IS a problem but recession is NOT a problem (yet).  Wrong again


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