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13Sep22 Biden Buys New Untested Jab for Half of Americans

September 13, 2022
* Ukraine's major surge & Russian retreat — time for peace talks or MORE weapons?  Follow the money & Zelensky to the military industrial complex trade show
* Biden spends $5B for NEW UNTESTED Covid shots — enough for HALF the US population
* Yuval Harari is at it again technological elites will survive in a kind of Noah's Ark while the rest of us die
* Rationing — the next step for control & reset
* Why do we allow federal government, specifically BLM, to lock up our natural resources by pretending they own 250 MILLION acres?
* Monkeypox hasn't killed anyone, but does the jab has its first death?
* If ice caps have melted, why aren't we (or at least Obama's seaside resort) underwater?
* Ranked preference voting — is it a new threat to election integrity?
* Confronted by NBC over border chaos (2 million arrests in less than a year), LaLa Harris insists "border is secure"
* Project Veritas outs English teacher, proud of training students to be violent, racist, extremists as Connecticut Attorney General threatens and labels them "vigilante journalists"
* GOP candidates are now breaking their promises even BEFORE the election

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