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14Sep22 Up, Up & Away for Inflation & Interest Rates as Balloon Stock Market Crashes

September 14, 2022

* Mike Lindell, MyPillow, attacked and robbed of his business records by FBI.  But is he unable to see the forest for the tree stump of Trump & 2020?
* How Gates & multinational BigAgra are using synthetic meat to gain monopoly control, just as Monsanto used GMO & glyphosate
* Ranchers tell their stories of the hellish conditions on the border that have endangered their lives and destroyed their livelihood
* Up, Up and Away — Inflation and Interest Rates are crashing our balloon economy. Stock market crashed from unexpected inflation as Biden celebrated his "Inflation Reduction" Act
* Another carefully kept database shows massive increase in deaths in most highly jabbed country
* Food and healthcare expense price increases wipe out lower oil price from Biden's record draw of Strategic Petroleum Reserves.  But what he plans to do next is economic insanity
* Satanists try to block abortion law by claiming it's part of their religion.  But the greater threat may be coming from GOP establishment
* New York Times lets loose its vitriol against — motherhood (and Christianity)

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