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17Nov22 CBDC Trial Begins in USA; Will Fentanyl ”Vaccine” Be Required of Kids; Adderall Addiction Exposed by Supply Chain Issues

November 17, 2022

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

Klaus Schwab goes to G20 with an emphasis on the "economic" in the World Economic Forum, his two little stooges "Fishy" Rishi Sunak and Trudeau in tow

Viral video of Xi scolding Trudeau for violating Chatham House Rules.  

Federal Reserve and Big Banks Are Teaming Up to Launch a 12-Week Digital Dollar Pilot Program.

HSBC, one of the handpicked partners for the CBDC trial has been convicted at least three times and fined big fines, but nothing compared to what they made for money laundering.

The Federal Reserve announced that its digital instant payments service, Fed Now, would begin full-scale pilot testing in mid-2023.

New York Fed, 12 banking giants launch the digital dollar test.

Germany, where cash is king for the German people, is planning for a run on the banks complicated by the power grid going down, so they conveniently can't give people cash with ATMs

How the rapid increase in interest rates is affecting us in the US — most people have been priced out of the housing market

COP27’s $100 Angus beef medallions and other delicacies, only available to the most elite at the "climate conference"

A new inferior EV battery design, driven (essentially designed) by tax credits

BigPharma's fentanyl vaccine — will it be mandated for children like MMR?

Adderall supply chain shortage exposes Adderall addiction for people who were put on the drug by schools when they were young children.

Walmart, CVS and Walgreens are all paying billions of dollars in damages because they filled prescriptions for opioids. Why can’t they be sued for mRNA jabs that they actively pushed?

The best natural and safe cancer prevention according to a UK study — 30 seconds of sunlight.  But it has to be done in a particular way?

Kenzie joins the show from Wise Wolf Gold.

CBDC and what happens if either power grid or internet is down? 

How will they coerce us to accept CBDC?  What do you need to do to prepare to counter the pressure?

Taxing us for schools to enslave our minds

An interesting way to buy silver — can be broken into smaller pieces like a chocolate bar

Bankman-Fried monologues on Twitter like a super villain at the end of the movie.  Here's what he say…

They created money out of thin air, just like the Federal Reserve.

Will AP get de-platformed? Lose its "blue check" for nearly starting WW3 with misinformation?  Or was it DIS-information?  Maybe MAL-information from CIA

Even though all parties involved say Ukraine, not Russia, fired missile into Ukraine, they still blame Russia

How the AP broke its own rules on the use of anonymous sources.

Polish politician says it’s likely a provocation by Ukraine.

The next pandemic is coming. We have to guard against it.


The Republicans have taken back the House with a narrow majority.

Two GOP members in leadership position, both Stefanik and Emmer, voted for a federal imposition of a definition of marriage that WILL be used to attack people's religious liberty.  And it's not the first time they did it

The bill is a bit of window dressing.

Candace Cameron Bure, leaving Hallmark Channel and going to American Family Network so she can do stories about traditional marriage.  The scorn and hatred now directed at her shows what's coming as GOP hands the mob tools of lawfare to wage against us 

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