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19Sep22 Dems Demolish ”Racist” Highways; World Watches Queen’s Funeral, Ignores TrumpShot Deaths as Former CDC Tries CYA

September 19, 2022

* NPR commentator still trying to explain how skyscrapers fell on 9/11.  What does a recent skyscraper fire and the Taiwan earthquake show us?
* Civil War 2? A look at the cost in blood and treasure of the first one and how it would scale up today 
* Funeral?  A different monarchy did it better
* Christian Nationalism: the new favorite pejorative label of the left and the favorite tactic to gain power by some exploiters on the right.   How do we tell the difference?
* Biden's buys 171 MILLION BOOSTERS - untested on humans, only tested on 8 mice (who all got sick) — are you pondering what I'm pondering?
* $100 MILLION to destroy "Racist Highway".  Will they rip up railroad tracks next?  Marxist Pete Booty-Marx to deconstruct everything
* Solution to growing deserts? MORE cattle. Massive mobs of cattle
* UBI for homeless — with a leftist, bigoted catch
* Military victories against Pentagon spread — now entire Navy & Marines.  BUT nearly another thousand NYC teachers fired ("voluntarily resigned") over continuing jab mandate there
* Trump's CDC Director Redfield is trying to cover his lockdown/jab crimes by narrowly focusing on Fauci, Wuhan, and Gain-of-Function.  But study after study shows the real bioweapon is the Trump Genetic Code Injection
* DeSantis raises a record amount of cash for governor.  How does this compare to a presidential election just 20 years ago?  


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