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20Sep22 Pandemic Over? GOP Won’t Talk About ”Emergency” Exec Order, Foundation of Medical Martial Law

September 20, 2022

* "Pandemic Over"? GOP comments show they knew all along that Trump E.O. of Emergency was the foundation for
    - Covid tyranny 
    - 2020 election mail fraud
    - Mandates
    - Student Loan entitlement program
…but there's something even more foundational that MUST be removed to stop martial law that's only been paused
* Biden betrayed his union base to stop railroad strike derailing the economy just before the election.  
* The new normal of Myo-Kid-Itis, myocarditis for kids
* Biden's CBDC plans hit another milestone and EU enlists Amazon and other companies to implement CBDC 
* A new "Church Committee" hearing to tackle online censorship?
* Interview: Jail, $10,000 or crush the truck — after cops see Facebook ad mentioning unauthorized equipment; Biden plans "De-Carbonization" of cars; Ford keeps V8 and sticks for Mustang; the "crime" of "aimlessly walking around".  Eric Peters, joins


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