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21Nov22 Meet the New Twitter Boss, Same as the Old Twitter Boss

November 21, 2022

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

Vox populi? Social media is all about getting your opinion — but NOT in the way you think



The Great Re-Instatement of Twitter.  What does it tell us?  Will Musk defend free speech?



Will we see Trump back on Twitter again?  Here's what he says



Elon Musk's public dispute with Anti-Defamation League while Musk repeats their mantra for censorship



The cynical lie about "free speech, not free reach".  We've seen it in debate access for third party candidates but the perfect picture is the "free speech cage" BOTH parties use for protesters at their presidential conventions



The dangers of re-platforming "dangerous people" is nothing compared to the dangers of allowing "dangerous people" to decide who to remove from the digital public square



Stop Funding Hate is really about shutting down any dissent from the woke orthodoxy — Stop Funding. HATE.



Musk virtue signals about restoring “Babylon Bee” to Twitter, then in a move that should be satirized by the Bee, promises to continue shadow banning as always, those he doesn't like



Walter Block says "Alex Jones is Innocent".  Is he?  Do hurt feelings justify punishment and censorship?



Sweden amends its constitution to TAKE AWAY press freedoms



EU bureaucrat continues to threaten Musk to censor or else: "We will have control.  We will have access.  No one is going to say rubbish"



How institutions can censor even if they don’t have control of a social media site?



Majority of students are afraid to challenge the mob mentality of things like "white privilege" as predicted by Solomon Asch in 1951.  Here's what he had to say



The betrayal of RINO senators on marriage is the latest example of how they've violated the constitution, infringing on religious liberty — as they ALSO did with Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which was not a defense but a political invasion.



Gard Goldsmith explains how both "Defense" & "Respect" of Marriage Acts BOTH conflict with "Full Faith & Credit" clause of the constitution



However, RFMA will make religious persecution easier and more likely



Forget marriage for a moment, even dating is broken.  So how do we recover?



Casual sex has declined for 20% of people after Roe repealed.  "Are you pro-choice or are you anti-consequences?"



We would rather control than be controlled, so politics is replacing religion and people of both sides have become as pathetic as Hillary Clinton who looks to politics for meaning in life, the "politics of meaning"



Misdirection, misinformation and climate fear — Adverse Effects of the mRNA jab are being misattributed to the Climate MacGuffin



Global ID, Mark of the Beast, is now openly cheered by G20/B20.  None dare call it conspiracy



A vaccine to control behavior?  That's the absurd promise of the "fentanyl vaccine"



"Beyond Blame", the essay by SBF's mother explains everything about his criminal enterprise, FTX



Imagine that it was your child who was raped by a CIA agent and authorities tell you that they can’t prosecute the abuser because it would impact "national security".  You don't have to imagine.



The CIA is not a watchdog, they’re co-conspirators in crimes.



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