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21Sep22 UN Head Warns Things Are Coming to Climax, Can’t Continue

September 21, 2022

* UN head begins new session warning things are building to a climax and can't continue to go on this way
* Pfizer & FDA knew: jab "turned breast milk blue/green", sterilized and killed
* Pure Spin — Trump official on with Alex Jones, both still covering up Trump Shots, while reassuring MAGA cult
* EU database shows 16x INCREASE in deaths of children as soon as jab got emergency authorization.  Bureaucracy begins investigation by changing the 5 yr baseline
* Hand That Rocks the Cradle: Nurseries ordered to NOT use male/female pronouns, schools evaluated on pushing LGBT propaganda
* Trump & Biden TRILLIONS in "covid cash" used for CRT, UBI and other radical GreatReset agendas
* Why the term "global health", like "public health", is pure nonsense



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