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22Sep22 Raising Interest Rates & Interest in War; PayPal Financial Purges to Prepare for CBDC

September 22, 2022

* Escalating talk about nuclear war.  Why does Russia, especially Putin, backed into a corner, see an "existential fight"?  Instead of detente, Biden & NATO seek escalation as well.
* PayPal is moving the Overton Window toward CBDC purges and banishment from the financial system for dissidents
* Senate Republicans just betrayed us (again) on the Climate MacGuffin — joining a treaty to make Air Conditioning much more expensive.  It's our corruption & crony crapitalism
* Will Biden or other demagogue Democrats disavow the leftist hate-murder of a teen?  The murderer is already getting softball treatment from the "justice" system
* Are the new charges against Trump brought by the NY AG, credible, a threat, a political witch hunt?  
* What is the intention of the Federal Reserve? A look at their priorities &  plans
* Tony Arterburn joins to discuss financial markets and political control
* DeSantis owns TX sheriff who "investigated" crimes committed by sending illegals to Martha's Vineyard.  Also, masterfully shuts down lawsuit by illegal aliens (illegal lawsuit?)


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