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23Nov22 Media Serves Fear for Thanksgiving, Pharma Wants to Jab Turkeys (real ones), DoD & CIA Torturers Write Video Games

November 23, 2022

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

Satire: FBI concerned about Christian Nationalists spending day thanking God.



AAA tells us 53 million will be traveling for Thanksgiving and predicts car travel down slightly and air travel back to 2019 levels.  But HOW do they KNOW?



Commercial pilot has heart attack shortly after takeoff from Chicago.  Coincidence I'm sure



NPR says "experts" warn about Thanksgiving and a "tripledemic" and they don't mean 3 YEARS of Covid nonsense.   



White House: "At the end of the day, Mother Nature gets the final word".  So don't thank God the Father on Thanksgiving.  Fear Gaia.



Fauci's final press conference goes off the rails — ends with SHOUTING!



Factory workers at "iPhone City" (correction, iPhone Plantation) clash with China’s police over "Zero Covid"



Vaccines for Turkeys: Pharma's Insatiable Appetite



They pretend bird flu is killing turkeys and chickens, but they're proactively killing animals to prevent the virus.  Senator Corey Booker enters as advocate for turkeys (his natural constituents)



Cameron's Avatar sequel will have to be in the top 3 grossing films of all time just to break even for Disney.   But what was the all time Box Office champ if we adjust for inflation?



Astronomical amounts of money have been lost in the stock market this year by Musk and others.  What are China & India doing in this business environment?



Geoengineering the climate — what they say and what they're actually doing



Scientists are investigating signs of ancient human civilization underwater.  It actually goes a long way to explaining human origins.



The population explosion is a challenge to the evolutionary worldview



FOIA documents prove the Call of Duty game is a government psy-op?



Activision Blizzard: the game company's ties to former high-level high-state officials — and torturers



Air Force Academy weaponize the Colorado gay club shooter against cadet pushing back on LGBT demands, but the shooter is a non-binary person with a very troubled background.  What can we learn?



Our Black Friday sale and my Black Friday assignment.



The latest perversion: luxury clothing brand uses children in S&M bondage pedophilia to get attention.  But what is the message being sent with teddy bears in bondage? 



GOP politicians focused on economy and lost.  GOP voters focused party & politicians and lost.  So how do we win on the issues that are important?



Rand Paul is now urging Biden to call off the national emergency put in by Trump.  Even Democrats are joining in the Senate to stop the state of emergency.  Will it happen after House turns Republican?



Dr. Fauci’s farewell goes off the rails.  But why is he allowed to collect more than TWICE the salary the law allows?



Biden’s wants another $10 BILLION for the pandemic he said was over.  Here's what he will do with the money



mRNA in breast milk typifies how vaccine safety was oversold



It begins — artificial womb demonstrated



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