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27Sep22 Feds Go Feral: SWAT Homeschool Family, US Post Office Spies on 2A Activists

September 27, 2022

* Federal government goes feral.  SWAT raid on homeschool family shows how vicious, venal and political our government has become

* The Last Knight — a look at the life & music of composer John Williams, the man who made films blockbuster, honored by the Queen just before her death. 

* Was the Russian school shooting a false flag?

* USPS joins the long list of federal bureaucrats spying on Americans

* Navy criminal investigation unit grabbing information about EVERYTHING you do on the internet: email, cookies, VPN, PCAP, and more.

* GOP "Commitment to America" — what are they promising?  What do they see as problems?  What are their solutions?

* INTERVIEW: Italy vs. EU — the players and the issues and it came to this. Gard Goldsmith, joins in a wide ranging discussion of history and politics. And, a massive lawsuit filed against McDonalds raises the question — can a corporation be sued for NOT doing business with you?  Locke, the social contract and liberty


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