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30Sep22 Vaccination by Mosquitos ”Comes Out of the Closet”, NPR Cheers

September 30, 2022

* Targeted biowarfare against key individuals in the military: Lost in the novelty of the country's first transgender Army officer turning traitor is that he was collecting DNA info on officers and special forces to give to Russia
* Windbags use tragedy of hurricane Ian to push their climate agenda. While tragic, Ian is NOT unusual nor unusually strong.  
* Vaccination by mosquitos.  Gates' longstanding dream and our nightmare comes true.  NPR & mainstream media cheer
* Fauci has been the DeepState Godfather in charge of bioweapons and "defense" since Dick Cheney put biowarfare under his department
* A year ago Biogen produced an Alzheimer drug that would have bankrupted US healthcare at $56,000 per year per patient.  Medicare pushed back but now Biogen has produced another Alzheimer drug and their stock jumped 45% in anticipation a day or so after they settle, for nearly a $BILLION, a lawsuit alleging bribery of doctors
* Superconductor minerals, artificially created in labs, found in asteroids.  Is it an indicator of extraterrestrial intelligence?
* University tries to cover horrific Neuralink animal experiments and failures, but no one is concerned about the goal — to do this to HUMANS
* FOX reporter exposed as shameless shill for MIC
* Major brands pull back from Twitter as their content is featured next to kid porn and "minor attracted persons" — but newly elected Italian leader's statement about God, country and family are purged by Twitter and YouTube
* LaLa Harris gaff declares North Korea our ally even as the Biden Administration appoints the first-ever "envoy for plants and animals"


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