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Fri 10Jun22 Jan6, Both Then and Now, Both Parties Flirting with Tyranny

June 10, 2022
  • Both Jan6 Committee and Trump's original action were and remain, a corrupt pageant, an attack on our Constitution, and a distraction from
  • their war on us
  • EU has dropped car emissions by 100% — effectively BANNING PRIVATE CARS by 2030 b/c NOTHING is being done for charging stations while the grid is losing power generation.  This tactic is being used for everything
  • Monkeypox? MONEY-pox? Monkey-SEX? A sequel and a rewrite of Fauci's greatest hits: HIV & Covid
  • Biden's coming EXEC ORDERS on ABORTION & GUNS
  • Youth Cage Combat — another example of how our culture hates kids
  • AntiChrist Theologian: Ted Lieu and libs pretend Jesus was "silent" on homosexuality while conservative church demands death penalty for homosexuals
  • The "Carbon Bootprint" of War — Why doesn't Biden talk about that in Ukraine?
  • Flatulent, burping Davos Princess, Jabcinda Ardern, taxes animals to prohibit meat


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