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Fri 11Mar22 Biden Pushes Russian Commodities Into China; War in Space?

March 11, 2022
  • Biden pushes Russia to China.  China will take ALL Russia's commodities if NATO isolates.  Massive win for China's "Belt & Road Initiative"
  • INTERVIEW: Prepare for War.  You've nothing to lose if it doesn't happen, every to lose if it does and you're unprepared.  Gerald Celente,, joins
  • Next step of war insanity: Russia space program says it will strand US astronaut on ISS.  America impotent to do anything about it?
  • DuckDuckGo joins the Silicon Censorship crowd, purging anything that conflicts with the narrow narrative pushed by govt.  FB & Instagram allow calls for violence against Russians and unblocks neo-Nazi group in Ukraine
  • Austin becomes "sanctuary city for trans kids", minors groomed for physical, chemical multilation
  • Ukrainian refugees looking for asylum are forced to get vaccination
  • Govt goons raid preschool, interrogate toddlers over masks.  NYC keeps masks on children while dropping everywhere else.



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