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Fri 12Nov21 John Kiriakou: New Revelations About CIA Torture Creeping Into US Prisons

November 12, 2021
  • INTERVIEW: John Kiriakou, CIA whistleblower, declassified information about torture, dark sites, Jan6 prisoners, CMU dissidents — and Guiliani “pardons”
  • Over 2 MILLION covid tests (from just a single maker) RECALLED — ALL FALSE POSITIVES
  • Florida considers getting rid of federal OHSA because of abuse of power and doing it constitutionally instead at the state
  • What is going on with the highly secretive, clandestine flights of illegal aliens being conducted by Biden administration?  According to “official” tallies, the number of illegal aliens Biden will bring in this year is more than TWICE the population of his home state of Delaware
  • New film about 9/11 from Architects & Engineers for 9/11 truth.  William Hurt narrates and talks about his finally facing the truth
  • Trump & Romney’s niece push Republican “Pride Coalition” for LGBT.  Is the tent big enough for people like Jeffrey Epstein, “attracted to minors”?
  • Update from Lithuania on what the 2030 prison society will look like everywhere for the unvaxed if we don’t stop it.  Resistance is building even in Australia


2:05 Covid Tests RECALLED: MILLIONS of FALSE POSITIVES.  Not a single false negative.

9:57 Lithuania Banishes Citizens from Food, Work, Clothes — Other Countries Following Soon. An update from Lithuania — things are getting MUCH worse for the unvaccinated.  A warning to the world

33:00 <CLIP> Australian official brags “you will have a lonely life and you will be miserable” if you don’t get the injection

39:47 GOOD NEWS: <CLIP> 8 yr old girl tells off school officials regarding masks & Melbourne, Australia revolt is building momentum — massively!

47:46 Pope Francis says we’re never going back to normal and he thinks that’s a good thing.  <CLIP> Klaus Schwab on how his planned revolution doesn’t just “change what you are doing. It changes YOU if you take a genetic editing.”

52:08 Left refuses to look at Rittenhouse trial objectively.  Leftist hedge fund manager wrote he had changed his mind and was contacted by the press, asking if his social media account had been hacked.

58:39 Mitch McConnell and Senate GOP pushed the woke “Infrastructure” bill but don’t want to be seen supporting it 

1:07:06 William Hurt: “Unspeakable” 9/11 Truth. “Why did I wait so long?… my inability to believe that my government could have betrayed the families of those killed that day by not giving them the first thing they owed the truth.”

1:18:49 FAA is handing out fines of up to $37,000 without trial, without due process

1:26:09 In UK, US, Australia and other countries — a move to END ANONYMITY on the internet.  Bills are being introduced as Microsoft has put together a tech coalition to ID every document of every type: C2PA

1:32:50 RNC Chair (Mitt Romney’s niece) launches “Pride Coalition” at Mar-a-Lago with the “proud” help of Trump.  Are “conservatives” interested in conserving the family? Conserving religious liberty?

1:41:19   Is it true that the Trump vaccines are created using the organs of aborted infants?

2:48:17 Florida May Withdraw From OSHA. Pay attention: state governments can do MORE than just file lawsuits and wait for years.

2:53:32 What is going on with the clandestine flights in the middle of the night of illegal aliens (mostly children) into Florida and New Jersey?  DeSantis says DHS, DOJ, HHS won’t talk about it.  Biden’s open border has allowed in (they say) 1.1 MILLION in just the first month.  In one year, Biden will let in TWO TIMES the population of his home state, Delaware, in unvetted illegal aliens

2:01:21 INTERVIEW: CIA Whistleblower, Kiriakou, on NEWLY Declassified Torture Docs. John Kiriakou, who tortured no one but was the only one who went to jail for exposing the program.  Torture documents are now unredacted. What was done? How was torture connected to lies about WMD? What was Colin Powell’s role? Gina Haspel’s role? CMU prisons, Jan6 prisoners and more.  John relates his experience with Giuliani in seeking a pardon.


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