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Fri 15Oct21 Gitmo in the Heartland: US Prisons for “domestic terrorists” & Dissidents / Wage Stagnation, Supply Chaos, Energy Crisis, Inflation

October 15, 2021


2:02 Ted Cruz defending the Davos-linked CEO of Southwest on mandates is just the latest example of why GOP will only point to Democrats and do NOTHING to defend your liberty

6:42  “High Class Problem”? Elites are Doing Fine as USA Turns Into Banana Republic. Massive (10,000) strike at John Deere over stagnant wages as inflation soars and wealth concentrates even more into the 0.1%.  And if supply chain chaos and inflation weren’t bad enough, Biden threatens the 15% to 30% of unvaxed with unemployment. Here’s what’s happening with food, gas, energy — by design

56:08 Pilots, Vaccines, Plane Crashes & Injecting 5 YEAR Olds. As Fauci is asked on CSPAN about adverse effects and LONG term risks, he says “rare, very rare”. Yet the chief technical pilot for Boeing’s 737 MAX was just indicted for 6 counts of fraud for deceiving safety regulators at FAA when only 2 planes crashed out of 8,600 flights. It was “very rare”. Why are we forcing pilots to get injected? Kids down to the age of 5 are next & Canadian province plans to inject ALL kids down to the age of 5

1:07:02 INTERVIEW: Gitmo in the Heartland: America’s “Communication Management Units” CMU. The prisons were built for “terrorists”.  But along the terrorists are “domestic terrorists” — dissenters and political prisoners — railroaded by a corrupt justice system, now held incommunicado.  The wife of one prisoner, Dana Gottesfeld, joins.

1:29:28 Biden White House tells state Governors in a private call to get ready to give the experimental TrumpShots to kids down to the age of 5.  They’ve already manufactured 65 MILLION kid-sized doses BEFORE FDA “approval” — just like Trump

1:42:17 John Deere strike, 10,000 workers strike over wage stagnation.  We’ve only seen this concentration in wealth once before in history…

1:51:32 Gallup poll shows Americans reverting back to wanting less govt — except for Democrats.  Yet mainstream media pushes hatred of the unvaxed — says Republicans hate unvaxed more than Democrats?

2:01:22 Former George W Bush speechwriter, now a Democrat, wants to run for Lt Gov on gun control — in TEXAS!  Concealed carry permits are skyrocketing in most states

2:07:00 Biden’s Marxist (literally) pick for top banking regulator, refuses to release her thesis “Karl Marx's Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in the Capital”


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