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Fri 19Nov21 “Financially Incentivized Malpractice” or Pre-“Medicated” Murder?

November 19, 2021
  • FDA “vaccine” documents treated as national security secrets
  • INTERVIEW: Gerald Celente,, inflation, war, bitcoin, infrastructure
  • Comrade Omarova: Will the Marxist shoplifter be confirmed to centrally plan our economy and consolidate even more power into the Federal Reserve?
  • Parental Rights? Does the GOP see it as anything more than another wedge issue? How will they fit “Parental Rights” and their “Pride Coalition” under the same “Big Tent”?
  • Forbes and CBS give a slice of the truth about hospitalizations but spin away from what’s actually happening as hospitals are finally overwhelmed, not by “da curve” but by mandates
  • “Financially Incentivized Malpractice” is now looking like Pre-“Medicated” murder.


2:42 How Hospitals Have Been Paid to Kill Us. From testing, to hospitalization, to isolation from family, to Remdesavir & ventilators, to post mortem diagnosis — EVERYTHING is financially incentivized malpractice in order to push panic & a pandemic narrative

32:00 $1,000 per second on just the genetic jabs — and no product liability for BigPharma. In UK, company plans to harvest DNA information from COVID test swabs and sell it.  EVERY part of the oppression — monetized.  Buying your life, your liberty, your dignity

37:24 Houston doctor cuts ties with Houston Methodist Hospital (early jab mandates) as they slander her for speaking of Ivermectin on social media.  She’s treated 2,000 Covid patients with Ivermectin & never needed to admit a single patient to the hospital

55:47 FDA Treats Pfizer Docs as National Security. Wants Pfizer genetic jab info hidden for 55 YEARS. Redacted, hidden as in every other country in the world.  Why?

46:18 TSA Jab Deadline is 3 Days Before Thanksgiving — Travel Hell?  Remember what happened with “Opt-Out” campaign on Thanksgiving 8 yrs ago?   40% of TSA have not been jabbed.  Will this create longer lines on the busiest travel day of the year? Did Biden administration do this on purpose?

1:06:29 Google Search Trend: “Died Suddenly”.

1:09:39 Article asks “Is Boeing the worst company on the planet?”  Not even close.  If FAA acted like FDA and if govt forced us to fly… 

1:17:09 OSHA mandate heads to 6th Circuit as Psaki tells businesses to ignore court decisions and fire all unjabbed employees

1:27:56 DeSantis Set Youngkin Straight on Mandates. DeSantis says governors have a DUTY to protect rights.  Newly elected VA Gov Glenn Youngkin announces he will NOT protect anyone from mask or vax mandates from government or private businesses.  He’s like the San Francisco DA who won’t stop SHOPLIFTERS.

1:39:32 Comrade Omarova: Will a Marxist Shoplifter Be Confirmed?  Should we call it “Project 1917” and talk about the 100M people killed by communists in 20th century? Biden’s communist radical that he wants to put into the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has plans for radical new centralization of economic control dovetails nicely with Central Bank Digital Cash plans.  Will she be confirmed by Senate? 

1:46:04 GOP “Pride Coalition” or “Parental Rights”?  After Virginia election the GOP senses a new & powerful wedge issue with parents/school.  Is it just talk? Trump & RNC have been anxiously pulling LGBT into the “Big Tent”

2:06:20 INTERVIEW: Gerald Celente,, inflation, war, gold/silver/bitcoin, energy, oil, infrastructure and EV’s


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