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Friday 10Sep21 Biden Hates USA for Our Freedoms 20 Yrs After 9/11

September 10, 2021
  • Biden’s New Vaccine Mandates — he hates us for our freedom & our informed consent
  • Twenty Years After 9/11 — surveillance, suspicion & out of control government
  • INTERVIEW: Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 InquiryTwin Attacks of Anthrax and 9/11 and the new evidence
  • Why I don’t believe the official story
  • Is government morally capable of killing its own citizens in a false flag? Operation Northwoods


1:04 George W Bush said Al Qaeda “hates us for our freedom”.  20 years later, Biden hates our freedom & informed consent. Massive fines for small business (for PPP small was 500 employees or less, this is for 100 employees or less) so that unvaccinated will be forced out of the “vaccinated economy”, what will we do about this tyranny and terrorism?

53:37 20 Yrs After 9/11: What Has It Wrought?  Surveillance, suspicion, police state standing army, foreign wars and a government that is totally out of control. Literally turning police into a combination STASI and standing army with 1,000 TIMES the spending for military and surveillance equipment

1:26:07 Asymmetric warfare defeated American in Afghanistan.  This is why the Pentagon is worried about “domestic terrorists”.  But how does religion enter into it and how will Christians react?

1:35:58  Why I Don’t Believe the Official Conspiracy Theory. What we saw in NYC, what we didn’t see at the Pentagon, what a Pentagon employee told me, the Bush family & 9/11 security, Gore Vidal on what NORAD didn’t do, no changes in building codes, no changes in fire fighting procedures, the training exercise, cell phone conversations, the Gitmo Sheikh, and more

1:44:12 US Govt Plan to Kill Its Own Citizens in a False Flag. Indications of government involvement in 9/11 raises an uncomfortable question — would American govt leaders, even the Joint Chiefs, kill their own people? A declassified plan, Operation Northwoods, history shows what they were capable of doing, planning to do, in 1962

2:18:21 How partisan bias keeps Breitbart and other conservatives from any skepticism or critical thinking about the official conspiracy theory

2:29:32 INTERVIEW: Twin Attacks of 9/11 & Anthrax. Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry — new evidence, new legal action.


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