The REAL David Knight Show

Friday 9July21 - #OperationWarpSpeed Reaches Democide & Cover-Up Stage

July 9, 2021

* INTERVIEW Gerald Celente, — central banks and IMF say they will hold back hyperinflation while they continue to flood with fiat.  It's a war and the new tactic (Executive Orders declaring health emergency) will be used for everything.  Cuomo uses it first to come after guns. 

* "To Kill a Mockingbird" has been a controversial book since its inception but the reasons are different now — the "white savior" characterization is the basis of banning.  Alright, then here's a black Atticus Finch taking on the school board.

* Afghanistan double talk from Biden — Afghanistan isn't lost, but we're going to get out more quickly and make sure translators who helped escape the country

* Capitol Police are the latest agency (like US Post Office) to join the surveillance/police state, opening up surveillance branches across the country for pre-crime analysis with $2BILLION from the "Defund the Police" Squad

* "We are facing something not normal" says brain surgeon.  You could say that about the vaccination political agenda as well



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