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Mon 10Jan22 Supreme Court Diagnosed with Asinitis; Will BigTech Kill Farm Food Supply?

January 10, 2022
  • SCOTUS diagnosed with Asinitis — irritating ignorance about pandemic, vaccine and Constitution
  • Another “unexplained” “sudden” death of a vaccinated celebrity, Bob Saget
  • “DeltaCron” — Bloomberg relentlessly pushes the newest fear porn
  • Ms. Disinfo: UK Culture Secretary reassures minister on censorship “anti-disinformation” unit. No longer hiding the Orwellian “Ministry of Truth”
  • Will BigTech kill food?  Solar farms & automation challenges
  • Is transgender insanity preparing a generation for the Metaverse fantasy world? NASCAR goes LGBT — just like “conservative” GOP
  • GoatTree gives updates on his Omicron illness on day 4

Hr 1 Seg 1:   

* UK Culture Secretary wants to reassure her fellow administration members that the “disinformation and misinformation unit is working”.  Ministry of Truth by another name

* Telegram censors at the demand of Apple & Google

* New corporate pecking order for fascist govt cronies: 5G takes precedent over Airlines and air safety


Hr 1 Seg 2:  begins approximately  00:21:12

* “Blue Wave” of gun control coming. Some will be by Exec Order (Biden following Trump precedent), some from financial choke points, some from imitating Texas abortion law using private lawsuits

* NYC wants to extend voting to 1 million non-citizens

* Solar “farms” are crowding out food farms and creating massive heat islands, increasing temperature by 10 degrees Fahrenheit!  And John Deere takes a page out Monsanto’s GM playbook


Hr 1 Seg 3:  begins approximately 00:45:07

Supreme Idiots: SCOTUS Questions Display Ignorance of Law & Medicine.   “When does the emergency end?” was the best question but there was no answer and there will likely be no action. One judicial decision from a lower court STOPS ALL BIDEN BLACKMAIL but is not being reviewed at this time.  SCOTUS tests positive for Asinitis — an irritating display of asinine institutional failure.


Hr 2 Seg 1:  begins approximately 01:02:54w

* Here’s the Status of the FOUR Biden Blackmail Orders. Military, federal contractors, medical, private companies.  All four have lost in lower courts, only 2 are being considered by the Supreme Court right now.  But one judge’s decision (being ignored by media and SCOTUS) is the basis for stopping ALL of the blackmail dictates


Hr 2 Seg 2:   begins approximately 01:12:12

* Sotomayor: “Why is a human spewing a virus, not like a machine spewing sparks”.  One might ask why a “justice” is spewing her uninformed opinions and not even pretending to have a legal basis?  And other inane comments…

* VIDEO: Doctor says “everyone who died with Covid should be considered murdered.  Early treatment has always been effective.”

* How many decisions has Supreme Court gotten wrong?  Murder of many tens of MILLIONS of babies, protecting slavery, internment camps & reservations, supporting censorship, etc


Hr 2 Seg 3:   begins approximately 01:30:04

GoatTree joins.  He’s sick, diagnosed with Omnicron last Friday.  He’ll be giving us a running update about what he’s taking and how he’s doing


Hr 2 Seg 4:   begins approximately 01:41:19

* “Deltacron” – a new narrative of fear pushed by Bloomberg, debunked, and then reasserted by Bloomberg

* Djokovic treated as a prisoner because he is.  Australia’s medical police state has done same thing to little people and it’s gone unnoticed.  So has Canada’s medical police state.

* UK teachers’ union demands masks on children but students rebel — only 67 out of 1,300 comply!


Hr 3 Seg 1:   begins approximately 02:02:29

* Californians are leaving for Texas so quickly that there’s no U-Hauls left. But North Koreans are risking their lives to cross BACK into NK from South Korea.  Why?

* Macron in France, Draghi in Italy and others throughout EU are goading the unvaccinated to respond with force.  The passive aggressive provocations began with economic sanctions that are getting more restrictive — but don’t take the bait

* The Jan 23 Washington DC rally.  Is it wise to attend? Is there something more effective that could be done?

* So how ARE we going to win?


Hr 3 Seg 2:   begins approximately 02:28:52

* Judge tells FDA they will NOT have 75 yrs to comply with FOIA order, but only 8 months (55,000 pages per month).  It begs the question — how did the FDA go through all that data in 2-3 months in order to approve the EUA?

* Bob Saget fits the profile of a celebrity vaccine death


Hr 3 Seg 3:   begins approximately  02:41:25

Transverse: Transgender Insanity and Metaverse.  Imaginary realities to enslave body, mind, spirit.  Trans-sports is preparing you for a Ready Player One “SmartCity” enslavement.  From GOP to NASCAR, “conservative” players are playing the base


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