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Tue 11Jan22 CA Sends POSITIVE Nurses Into Hospitals, CT Sends Sick Elderly Into Nursing Homes

January 11, 2022
  • CDC narrative flips to “mostly” telling truth as Democrats chill on tyranny.  What’s going on?
  • California sends nurses testing POSITIVE into hospitals, Connecticut sends sick elderly into nursing homes. 
  • Audit the Fed? Vice Chair of Fed quits 2 weeks early as he’s caught doing insider trading (as 2 regional Fed presidents also caught).  Virtually all in Congress remain silent
  • Eric Peters, joins — the lessons of I-95, rationing of speed and mobility, Musk’s Boring traffic & safety issues, and prepping for mobility
  • How Pentagon & CIA control movies & TV entertainment
  • No, Washington is not laying foundation for Covid prison camps — the truth is worse and key to understanding what’s happened

Hr 1 Seg 1:   

Is Washington state about to enact NEW quarantine camps?  The truth is more sensational than what you’ve been told


Hr 1 Seg 2:  begins approximately  00:25:19

Audit Fed? Start With These 3 Guilty of Insider Trading. The Vice Char of the Federal Reserve and 2 regional presidents have been caught rigging markets (as usual) but profiting personally.  Should they get the Martha Stewart treatment?

Goldman & JP Morgan (Dimon) try to outdo each other with dire predictions of 3, 4, or more interest rate increases.  What will happen if the Fed DOES raise rates several times? 


Hr 1 Seg 3:  begins approximately 00:42:48

Real wages are declining — much faster than the government says

Newsom is going to offer free health care for illegals AND cut taxes

Andrew McCabe sees right wing terrorists under every rock. 

How the Pentagon & CIA use movies and TV to propagandize (part 1)


Hr 2 Seg 1:  begins approximately 00:57:00

Eric Peters,, joins: the plan to ration mobility - the rent-trap side of “you will own nothing”, Musk’s Boring traffic & safety issues, and prepping for mobility and independence


Hr 2 Seg 2:   begins approximately 01:42:56

How the Pentagon & CIA use movies and TV to propagandize (part 2) “Theater of War”

USA Today tries to sell the idea that gun owners are Nazis, literally

California sends nurse who tested POSITIVE into work at hospital

Connecticut sends sick elderly into nursing homes, but it’s happening everywhere as a listener’s letter points out


Hr 3 Seg 1:   begins approximately 02:06:44

MailChimp shuts us down even as CDC, Fauci & NY admit we were right

Listener’s letter about EVERYONE he knows vaccinated, then sick, but still clinging to the illusion that the jabs are great

UK General Practitioners paid big bounty to jab.  Hired Killers?


Hr 3 Seg 2:   begins approximately 02:19:38

Gateway Pundit and some Catholics op-eds are telling people that NovaVax is effective and free of any abortion connection.  NOT TRUE

Those injured by Trump shots are being purged of their life line to get and share info by social media censorship

They are losing the narrative of fear as people live their lives and other people see it.  NY, California, Chicago, are all pulling back the dictatorship


Hr 3 Seg 3:   begins approximately 02:45:00

CDC admits that “covid deaths” are people dying with co-morbidities — as I’ve said from the beginning.  So why are they telling some truth now?

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