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Mon 15Nov21 Fauci: Deadly Experiments on Orphans; Add It to Vivisection of Babies & Torturing Puppies

November 15, 2021
  • Fauci’s biggest scam before Covid was AIDS.  He force fed, tortured and killed orphans & children taken by CPS, using them as guinea pigs for BigPharma
  • Oklahoma Governor & commander of OK National Guard say NO vaccine mandates for guard while under state command
  • RFK Jr. — "This is the hill we die on"
  • Pharma Uber Alles as globalist puppets in Austria put MILLIONS of unvaxed Austrians under house arrest “to incentivize” the jab
  • Second, stronger opinion issued from 5th Circuit Court against Biden OSHA mandate
  • Flynn throws out First Amendment and American history as he embraces “one religion” for USA in an effort to curry favor with the Trump crowd who’ve realized he’s pushing New Age religion. 
  • VAERS analysis shows 4,000 other symptoms that are 10x’s more frequent for the WarpSpeed shots than all other injections for the last 5 yrs combined
  • Young & professional athletes are experiencing 70x’s the number of heart attacks


2:05 Vaccine victim’s message from the grave

4:27 60x’s Number of Heart Attacks for Young & Professional Athletes.  75 athletes in Germany alone.  How many red flags do you need? Watch these clips…

21:20 New analysis of VAERS: over 4,000 adverse effects elevated by MORE THAN 10x’s other vaccines combined in the last 5 years.  Here are the trouble spots and where the spike protein is accumulating in the body

47:24 Norway study says vaccine has an efficacy of ZERO

52:01 Fauci: Torturing, Killing Orphans with AIDS Pharma. Sadistically using children as guinea pigs for his previous big project — as he’s doing today.  RFK, Jr clip: “these are the people strip mining our economies and making themselves rich.  And is it a coincidence that these same people who are censoring criticism of the government policies that are bringing them trillions of dollars?”

1:11:48 Injectable Gel “Cures Paralysis”?  Gel constructs “scaffolding” when injected. If injections can “cure” paralysis, can they CAUSE paralysis? We were told that was a crazy idea. We were also told mRNA does NOT change DNA.  Then Pfizer CEO said they will soon have mRNA “fix” DNA.

1:27:37 Oklahoma National Guard & 5th Circuit says NO Mandate. What will Pentagon do? OK Gov Stitts appoints.  5th Circuit Court upholds stay on Biden’s mandates for businesses with 100+ employees.  Court say it is “unconstitutional” “sledgehammer” “one size fits all”

1:43:15 CEO of a family business with 104 employees says they’re defending their employees against mandates who are “friends and family”. She also points out it doesn’t make economic sense to fire them. This is the kind of company you want to work for, NOT the big Wall Street multinationals that are “essential” 

1:50:59 Listener sends employer interrogation letter over religious exemption and asks how I would answer the questions

2:07:42  GOOD NEWS: Florida’s Surgeon General destroys the case for mandates.  “We can expect more of the same, and worse, if people don’t speak up against these vaccine mandates.”

2:21:14 New World ORDERS — Austria does an Anschluss with BigPharma Nazis, puts MILLIONS of unjabbed under house arrest starting today.  Massive demonstrations against it over the weekend

2:38:24 Flynn Trashes Religious Liberty to Prove He’s Not a Satanist. Pushes “one religion” for the nation — which one?  “Reawaken Tour” pushing Trump as Savior gets further and further away from American & Christian values


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