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Mon 1Nov21 Congress Changed Definition of “Vaccine” Just Before “Outbreak” to Include mRNA Injections

November 1, 2021
  • Buried toward the end of a spending bill, just BEFORE the outbreak, was a change in the definition of “vaccine” to include mRNA injections
  • Mandates causing mass firings & closings of fire stations as Biden continues his efforts to burn down society; his Press Sec Psaki (doubled jabbed, double masked) gets COVID. 
  • Resistance Builds: giant Australian protest and cops don’t get violent.  Former cop tells them the world is watching whether they will be the “private army of a madman”
  • European Parliament members expose Pfizer's REDACTED, SECRET contracts.  Why is NO ONE allowed to see it?
  • Biden flagrant “climate” hypocrisy — 85 car entourage, jets, etc — to climate summit COP26 as Prince Charles pushes what he acknowledges is a “radical” restructuring of society
  • Biden loses in court, IGNORES the decision; Trump’s SCOTUS picks are 1 out of 3 on throwing away religious exemption
  • Virginia fake Tiki protest backfires on Dems but county Mon 1Nov21


2:30 US Definition of “Vaccine” Secretly Changed BEFORE “Outbreak”. Members of European Parliament are outraged at the BigPharma contracts being REDACTED as TOP SECRET.  And in Dec 2019, hidden in a 700 page funding bill, definition was changed to allow mRNA jab to be called a “vaccine”. US govt partnership with Moderna predated pandemic

35:26 Biden Loses in One Court, REFUSES to Obey Ruling. As 2 of Trump’s 3 appointments trash religious exemptions in Supreme Court,  Biden ignores a loss in another court, a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) against his mandates.

55:08 Resistance, layoffs, closings as both government and We The People refuse to budge.  Here’s what’s happening with the military

58:16 Listener writes that the letter another listener sent in helped him to state his religious exemption.  Mark of the Beast aspect.  And, Air Force says even if the commander believes the religious exemption is sincere, they will likely deny it

1:30:26   Australia Massive Resistance: Former Cop Asks “Will You Be Private Army of a Madman”? No violence by cops for a change.  UNMASKED crowd is bigger than ever as order prohibits outdoor gathering of more than 30 people

1:48:24 Public service employees, cops/firefighters, fight the arbitrary unilateral change in their contracts that mandate experimental injections 

2:00:11 Now American Airlines claims weather is affecting ONLY their airline as they cancel 1,500 flights. Maybe the climate for tyranny is changing

2:03:15 Listeners’ letters: Propaganda is losing in small country due to “coconut radio”;  pastor stands his ground and wins when nursing home tries to keep him from visiting

2:10:05 Lancet & Psaki Show Jab Mandate is Political, NOT Medical (NO Difference in Transmission). UK’s premier medical journal, Lancet, joins the establishment consensus that “vaccination has NO impact on transmission”.  Jen Psaki, double-masked & double-jabbed, gets it from family member to underscore that there is NO medical reason to mandate jabs since it has NOTHING to do with reducing transmission

2:19:42 Gov Kristi Noem congratulates herself for standing against Biden mandates – but SHE IS DOING NOTHING.  It’s a total fraud, empty virtue signaling

2:26:13 False flag Tiki protest.  McAuliffe will likely lose but ballots are already being stuffed 

2:37:24 Joe Rides the BEAST: Lies & Loathing at “Climate” Global Confab. No one does elitism better than Biden and Prince Charles.  Meanwhile, damage to our supplies lines has been done and coal is sold out through 2022 and China can’t enough of it or diesel fuel.

2:53:15 How did Biden & Trump masquerade for Halloween?  Is there any truth to #PoopyPantsBiden?


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