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Mon 22Nov21 Violence Erupts Worldwide: Against Medical Martial Law, Jury Verdict, Mass Organized Looting in CA

November 22, 2021
  • Waukesha: Will MSNBC or any other media or politicians be held responsible for inciting hatred and violence? Will Nadler & others bring federal charges against Rittenhouse?
  • What does Soros, Obama, Eric Holder have to do with Waukesha terror attack and San Francisco organized massive looting this weekend?
  • Black man found NOT guilty after killing police in self-defense during “no-knock” SWAT attack — same day as Rittenhouse, media silent
  • Massive protests across Europe and in Australia against medical martial law.  “Mostly peaceful” (actually true), but media focuses solely on violence.  How should we respond to this war?
  • LGBT Teacher conference in California — how to “stalk” kids, monitor their conversations, recruit into gender discussions — and hide it ALL from parents.  And, how partisan blinders keep Republicans from seeing the pedophiles in their party
  • Fauci’s new mask rules — for himself.  They’re coming for babies First Quarter 2022 while media and Gottlieb say 3 doses is the new “fully vaccinated” early next year


3:59 Should MSNBC Get the “Sandy Hook” Treatment?  How does MSNBC get away with slander and pushing a literal race war?  They claim the Rittenhouse trial was racist (but it was white vs white).  They followed jurors to dox and harass them.  They push hatred for all white people.  Now at Waukesha they have blood on their hands

15:34 At the same time Rittenhouse was found not guilty, a Florida man who acted in self-defense against a no-knock SWAT raid is found innocent. He was black.  Crickets from media

19:12 Reason is surprised that ACLU is outraged that Rittenhouse was found innocent.  Does Reason not know the history of the ACLU?

25:40 Will Nadler & Democrats be able to charge Rittenhouse federally since they don’t like the jury’s verdict?

32:03 Waukesha “Holiday” Terror: Hate, Racism, Murder on Parade. Media calls it a “Holiday Parade”.  Social media left mocks the suffering.  Govt fails at every juncture

38:16 Soros DA’s: Chaos by Design, From Waukesha to San Fran. Obama, Eric Holder, Soros designed & funded elections of DA’s to get a CRIMINAL justice system run by criminals who want violence, chaos and ethnic conflict.  What happened to the BLM racist who drove her car into a Trump crowd last year? 

46:54 Peaceful Protests Across Europe — and Violence. It was a mixture of peaceful and violent protests.  Will we take the bait? What is the appropriate response?

1:09:41 Archibishop Vigano: It’s a “global coup d’etat”, a war against us all by our leaders. 

1:26:49 If we’re MERELY ANIMALS as humanists insist, Skinner’s behavioral psychology will win.  But we’re NOT merely animals.  Those of us who know we are created in the image of God can be empowered to fight this spiritual battle.  Don’t take the bait to fight THEIR way

1:38:36 Africa, and poor nations who couldn’t afford to pay BigPharma for vaccines, aren’t having ANY problems.  Even AP (Associated Press) sees it

1:49:23 Gottlieb (Trump’s FDA commissioner) says 3 doses are coming, skirts the issue of NOT doing ANYTHING to protect against transmission.  Fauci says babies get the genetic injection 1Q 2022 (3 months)

1:51:38 Utter Orwellian stupidity of wearing masks on planes

1:58:45 Massive looting of high end stores in San Francisco and Chicago taking virtually EVERYTHING from stores.  Gang of 80 cleans out department stores.  Exactly what Soros District Attorneys are enabling

2:21:15 Teachers Conference: How to Stalk & Groom Kids & Hide It From Parents. Do you think a parent-friendly school board or politicians will stop what’s going on in schools? “Stalk” was their term.  Identify kids.  Create clubs with names that parents won’t think is LGBT grooming. Keep no records of attendees.


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