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Mon 25Oct21 NIH Institute of “Health”: Psychopaths & Liars Torture Babies & Puppies

October 25, 2021
  • Torturing puppies to death is not simply a waste of money and cruel indifference — it’s yet another indicator our government’s “science” is controlled by psychopathic serial killers
  • Globalists say chaos, famine, mass migration and war are coming — because of “climate change”.  Back to Plan A
  • NZ & Australian despots can’t hide their glee at their unrestricted power to punish unvaxed people as untouchables.  “That’s what it is, yep.”
  • Resistance building in USA against mandates (even in “blue” areas) as CDC plans “education & counseling” for unvaxed which they say will soon be redefined as less than 3 jabs
  • Uncontrollable public school (23 arrests over a few days), brought under control by Dads coming to school.  Who knew?
  • Conservative press laments OSHA cover-up of mandated vaccine injuries until May 2022 give ammunition to the “conspiracy theorists” case


2:00 Why Liberty Won’t Be Returned — ONLY TAKEN BACK. They don’t even try to hide their glee at having unchecked power. The nannies of the Nanny State unashamed at their agenda to punish everyone who refuses the jab — “That’s what it is, yep.”

17:00 NZ & Australia moving to next phase — concentration camps for unvaccinated

31:07 DeSantis calls Biden jab mandates “unconstitutional”. Working on $5,000 bonus for police fired in other states to come to FL. Meanwhile, Chicago City Council votes today on removing Mayor Lightfoot’s mandate

37:54 Freedom tool — co-ops, especially for food

40:28 In-Out Burger — it truly is, a Mad, Mad, World.  Florida government invites them to open up there.

54:41 Southwest — can the Davos CEO be trusted when he says no one will be fired for being unvaxed?

1:01:27 National Review is worried that OSHA’s open conspiracy to cover up vaccine injuries proves “conspiracy theorists” right.  Here’s how OSHA is CONSPIRING to violate rules (and law)

1:15:03 WATCH: NY basketball fans in major protest as Kyrie Irving kept from playing b/c unvaxed

1:22:30 BOOM! Nurses Blow Whistle on Vax Danger & Pandemic Fraud. They’re already speaking out anonymously.  Wait until they’re fired.  Here’s what they’ve seen…

1:54:55 Torturing Puppies, Live Vivisection of Human Babies. Torturing animals to death is symptomatic of a psychopathic child who goes on to mass murder.  What do we say about a society that allows a psychopathic institutions like Fauci’s NIH to continue? What do we say about a society that has more empathy for cruelly tortured puppies but no empathy for babies born alive then murdered for their organs to create trans humanist mice

2:24:30 Dr. says she saw some very strange things under microscope.  As strange as it sounds, remember Japan removed 2.6 MILLION doses for contaminants that “reacted with magnets”

2:36:32 UN Threatens Chaos, Famine, Mass Migration, War…over Climate Change (reverting back to Plan A).  And Biden wants more done for “Climate Refugees” coming by the tens of thousands over the border right now

2:51:02 “Dads on Duty” Bring Order to School in Chaos  Multiple riots, 23 arrests.  A volunteer group of dads brings order and peace to a school that the government couldn’t control.  The importance of family and father figures.


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