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Mon 30Aug21 Romney Joins Dems to Push USA Toward Totalitarianism & Civil War

August 30, 2021
  • Rules of Engagement? US Marines are trained to identify and shoot suicide bombers.  With the Biden Administration prioritizing diplomatic relations with Taliban over rescue of Americans, did they change rules of engagement as well?
  • Standing Army — LGBT Army Sgt eagerly anticipates Martial Law & threatens to shoot Americans, but a 17yr Marine who criticizes Afghanistan incompetence is immediately relieved of duty
  • CDC’s usurpation over foreclosures and evictions ended, but desired effect on private property, theft by banks, is accomplished
  • Marxist mob goes into feeding frenzy as Alex Berenson is removed from Twitter for the crime of debating authority figures’ pronouncements
  • Sign of the Times: Christians discuss the ethics of fake Vaccine Passports
  • Mitt Romney hates your liberty — “your liberty effects MY health


4:22 Global Tyranny: QR codes —> VaxIDs —> Prison Camps. From Australia to the rest of the world.  The only difference between and within countries is resistance and how quickly they can enslave us — IF we don’t resist broadly & completely.

29:52 LGBT “Woke” Standing Army — Ready to Shoot Americans. From the War College’s simulation in 2013 imagining conservatives seceding (with help from “Russia” of course) to the vaxed-up lesbian bragging about shooting Americans — we ignored the Founders’ warnings about a standing army of mercenaries and bureaucrats.

46:20 Even Switzerland is portraying the unvaxed as “terrorists” ready to attack vaccination centers

48:30 Gun Control Groups Demand a “Gun Czar” from Biden. With David Chipman’s ATF confirmation looking doubtful, — surprise — they demand Biden appoint a Czar and also follow Trump’s precedent of gun control by Executive Order. 

58:23 Christian Response to Vax Mandate & Lockdown and 700 Church Leaders Push Back in Australia. Can you read the signs of the times? 5,000 Christians and 700 pastors push back against vaccine apartheid in Australia and Doug Wilson examines the ethics of fake vaccine passports.

1:35:09 Mother of one of the Marines killed and the father of another speak out about the “feckless, dementia-ridden” Biden

1:40:01 Dr. Lee Merritt says the vaccines have killed more military than Covid with many more deaths to follow (more than the suicide bomber this week as well)

1:47:44 Did Biden Change “Rules of Engagement” to Enable Suicide Bombers? Optics and diplomatic relations with Taliban are more important to Biden than rescuing Americans.  Did he also change rules of engagement for Marines who are trained to spot suicide bombers and shoot to kill?

1:55:26 Whose decision was it to abandon Bagram?  It completely destroyed morale of the Afghan army in addition to putting US forces in an indefensible position for evacuation

2:59:16 The secret missions to rescue Americans — that the Pentagon & Biden would NOT do

2:05:31 USA is handing out BLANK VISAs in Afghanistan, not vetting Afghans being brought in by tens of thousands as Europe braces for a new wave of terrorism

2:12:56 Former CIA / DOD Leon “Lyin” Panetta says we’ll have to restart the Afghanistan War

2:21:39 Romney: MY Health Trumps YOUR Liberty. Even more concerning is how many of the social media mob agree with him.

2:27:49 Alex Berenson purged for critical thinking crimes. Social media and mainstream media celebrate

2:40:53 CDC now dictating “preferred” words and phrases that have NOTHING to do with “health”.  Brandeis University says don’t use OCD anymore

2:45:49 CDC moratorium finally ended by Supreme Court but the mission (and damage) has been accomplished as middle class “landlords” become homeless, ruined by the private, quasi-governmental CDC’s usurped power


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