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Monday 12July21 - Fauci Pushes Mandates, Biden’s Reign of Domestic Terror Get New Funding

July 12, 2021

* Biden gives $6M to a multinational corporation to create a database of dissidents and political enemies and plans to extend the political Stasi investigations until 2027 (with massive increases in funding)
* Cubans who tolerated communism are taking to the streets in rebellion against lockdown. Lockdown is worse than Castro (although the tactics and goals are the same)
* Richard Branson reproduces the "space rocket" America had 60 yrs ago with the help of $200M in public funding.  Trump takes credit.  What would we do without billionaires?
* Deaths reported to CDC's VAERS system jumped by 28% last week
* So-called "Pro-Choice" former Planned Parenthood CEO Leana Wen demands that we "make things easy for the vaccinated" and "make things hard for the unvaccinated"
* Godfather Fauci says FDA approval is a done deal just waiting for the final formality and encourages state & local governments and employers to make it mandatory
* CPAC attendees cheer vaccine refusal, but overwhelmingly support the man most responsible for the fraud, waste, abuse and adverse reactions (including death) — Trump
* The EU's Holy Crusade for its LGBT religion as it goes to war with the Visegard nations

0:00 Afghan Collapse Accelerates: Taliban Control 85% of Country.  Looks like BigPharma moved from opioids to genetic vaccines just in time as the Afghan poppy fields are turned over to the Taliban
5:21 Globalist GreatReset is Even Worse Than Castro’s Communism.  Pandemic lockdown provokes massive street protests in Cuba that even Castro failed to evoke.  Marxist tactics and goals are the same as the globalist pandemic, but lockdown takes communism to a new level
9:07 Billionaire Branson Reinvents 1961 “Space” Vehicle
with $200 MILLION subsidy from taxpayers.  Heroic
14:48 Visegard nations resist the globalist LGBT dogma & religion
29:20 Trump leads the pack at CPAC where they hate the Trump vaccine.  Doublethink
31:15  The worst GOP Governors, Lords of Lockdown, all have endorsements from Trump
39:43  US Postal System is poised to make elections mail-in and electronic.  If THAT happens, the Democrat bill to rig the election process is almost superfluous 
48:44 Quick word on podcast format change
53:55 Biden $6M for Database of Political Opponents a.k.a. “Domestic Terrorists”.  It is scheduled to run until 2027 and the funding will explode
1:21:30 REVEALED: Door-to-Door Vax Script — “Do you want the blood clot or heart attack vaccine”.  The script reads like a dark, Orwellian comedy
1:34:59 CDC has released new guidelines for the hell they will put K-12 students and teachers through this fall.  It’s all the fault of those filthy, unvaccinated refuseniks
1:39:32 Abortion CEO: “Make It Hard for Unvaccinated”
1:53:20 Harvard head of Public Health School mocks the term “vaccine passport” — OK, call them Nazi “identity papers”
2:06:51 Bipartisan support for mandating vaccines for teachers and healthcare workers.  So the mob, Republican as well as Democrat, want to tell DOCTORS & NURSES to get a vaccine?  Godfather Fauci Wants Mandates
2:21:25 If CDC can put a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures, Supreme Court agreed they can mandate vaccines
2:33:42 New information shows secret FDA meeting with company pushing sham FDA approval of Alzheimer drug — will be investigated by Office of Inspector General (OIG)
2:45:28 Deaths reported to VAERS system jump 28% in the last week reported — so media focuses on ONE 90 yr old woman they claim died of “variant”

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