The REAL David Knight Show


June 7, 2021

0:00 When did we know about Fauci’s criminal gain-of-function research? 2014.  Who else at the NIH ignored the Congressional pause? When was bioweapon program restarted and by whom?

7:08 China mocks and laughs at those horrified by Tiananmen Square as its model for society is rolled out worldwide

8:20 Ivy League psychologist gives a psychopathic, racist, genocidal presentation to students: “unloading a revolver into the head of any white person” — NO CONSEQUENCES.  Here’s how we combat the race war…

19:00 Lockdown persecution of Christian churches continues to escalate in Canada and Australia (pastor arrested, army of cops beat and choke church attendee)

20:53 Doctor faces charges in UK for SAVING the life of a baby after the mother regretted taking an abortion, the doctor honored HER CHOICE to NOT kill the baby.  Only ONE CHOICE is allowed by those who call themselves “PRO-CHOICE”

23:11 More emails show that Fauci knew right from the beginning that lockdown was wrong.  Wallace asks Corey Lewandowski why didn’t Trump STOP Fauci? The more important question is why NO ONE is talking about stopping our gain-of-function research at hundreds of American labs as they point fingers at Fauci & Wuhan and ONLY Fauci & Wuhan

32:08 Lotteries & mandates, carrots & sticks — “it’s YOUR CHOICE”, you can take the injection and get $1,000 bonus or we’ll fire you.  Golfer, ahead by 6 strokes and about to win $1.5M is removed from tournament after testing positive (no symptoms)

37:15 Politico “health” reporter talks about her adverse reaction and how she couldn’t get any help from CDC, BigPharma or health officials

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