The REAL David Knight Show


June 8, 2021


0:00 Massive internet failure again today.  What’s behind it?  How will government use this for its purposes? What should you learn?

2:24 Stories about Elon Musk paying ZERO taxes in 2018 are part of G7 push for a global minimum corporate tax.  What does the push for coordinated global tax rates tell us?

5:36 Musk the King of Crony Capitalism, the royalty of the technocracy and Anonymous (we think) is threatening him. 

10:30 Getting rid of private cars is the final chokepoint of the GreatReset, SmartCities and the 5G surveillance infrastructure 

21:29 New vaccines coming.  Novavax will produce the “spike” protein (that causes all the vascular, lung and brain damage) grown with GMO tobacco

23:05 As we move into a humorless Soviet-style oppression, humor and satire is being used by Alex Lasarov to fight for freedom

27:33  Military (National Guard) brought into a middle school to intimidate children into getting the experimental injection

30:23 Do you want to pedophile networks? Turn off Disney+ and Netflix.  Look at the sexualized and weaponized content directed at our children. Disney pushes lesbian kiss in a new “family” TV show.  Then there’s Cruella.  But will we take control over what comes into our homes or beg government to prohibit? 

40:25 Judge rules on the case of Pastor James Coates, arrested for holding worship service.  Government refuses to show data supporting lockdown policy and refuses to obey the Charter of Canada that supports religious freedom

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