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RADIO Thursday 10Jun21 LIVE KHNC

June 10, 2021


0:00 Apple pushing phone ID to be used for air travel (TSA).  Now GeoSpatial Intel, biometric tracking, surveillance cameras (over 15,000 in NYC with 2 boroughs not counted yet) — all converging quickly and feeding into AI (Artificial Intelligence) to manage you

15:13 MORE THAN A THIRD of people polled saw parents should NOT even have a say in mass vaccination of their children, as media says so many parents want to vaccinate their children (who have ZERO risk from virus) that they’re going to have — a lottery for the lucky guinea pigs

18:18 Now people in Washington are being bribed with pot to take the vaccine — “Joints for Jabs”

23:10  Chuck Todd nervously tries to defend the liar & fraud, Fauci, and the doc goes there — criticism of me is criticism of science.  He even defends himself with an email he wrote to Morgan Fairchild, the actress as he unconsciously turns into Jon Lovitz’s PATHOLOGICAL LIAR character

32:15 Look at the MILLIONS spent by states, the BILLIONS spent by the Feds — what’s the FINANCIAL motivation for vaccinating everyone?  How do states, feds, and corporations of various industries benefit?

37:45 Indian government turns off an entire village’s ELECTRICITY when 40 families refuse the jab.  Direct pressure and pressure through their neighbors and they will use this tactic on us all

39:30 Kamala Harris’ staff apparently plants a NON-JOURNALIST in the press conference to praise her.  Here’s a clip of Gerald Ford predicting in 1989 that the first woman president would be a Vice President that becomes President when the President dies in office.  Hmmm…

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