The REAL David Knight Show

RADIO Thursday 17Jun21 LIVE KHNC

June 17, 2021


1:32 Biden and Putin have a GREAT deal in common — they lock up their political opponents and they both hate guns (while they’re protected at the summit with a small army including an anti-aircraft gun)

9:00 Biden’s “death tax” — another attack on small businesses and farms with a tax based on inflation as the Federal Reserve continues down the inflation pumping easy money path

14:02 Spike protein and lockdown — the 2 things that killed the most people are what government wants to continue.  BigPharma opioids are the instruments of the spike in overdose deaths & suicide

21:20 Prisoners in jail are being put into solitary confinement and having their prison sentences extended because of a $2 bogus test — kinda like PCR

24:40 Pastors arrested, hunted down by helicopter as another is being hunted — what’s happening in Canada is coming everywhere

32:13 15 states have moved to prohibit the tyranny of 2020 lockdown ever happening again.  And, 2 counties in Nevada become “sanctuaries” for Bill of Rights

37:25 People in the UK are starting to realize the climate agenda and pandemic agenda are the SAME — that BoJo is NOT a conservative but a green

40:19 Parents send their kids face-diapers (their Faucis) to a lab.  You won’t believe what they found

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