The REAL David Knight Show

RADIO Tuesday 22Jun21 LIVE KHNC

June 22, 2021


0:00 Inflation is NOT “transitory” as Fed Reserve says — and neither are the supply chain shortages and problems transitory that are fueling inflation.  The only thing NOT in short supply is paper money from the Fed. Everything else, from semiconductors for computers and cars to parts for key defense weapons, is getting more scarce


14:11 Unemployment is not a shortage of jobs but a function of the globalists’ initiation of UBI Universal Basic Income.  The plan is for 70% of doctors and lawyers to have their jobs taken by AI & robotics — not just entry level positions


23:00 Summer solstice and the pagans in the UK are more faithful in their Stonehenge worship services than the Christians


32:00 Biden is coming after our freedom of mobility and private car ownership, spending more money subsidizing EV’s (electric cars) than we spent to build the entire interstate system. Hope arrives in Switzerland as young voters reject Paris Climate austerity measures.


40:00 The “pandemic” is NOT an EMERGENCY for teens & toddlers.  Even the government’s own data says they have statistically ZERO risk.  Meanwhile a 13 yr old dies from heart issues after the vaccine.

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