The REAL David Knight Show

RADIO Wednesday 16Jun21 LIVE KHNC

June 16, 2021


0:00 “Climate LOCKDOWN” says economist working for WHOclimate alarmism and pandemic panic were ALWAYS the same agenda

4:43 Water dispute in Oregon: farmers vs federal government.  It’s Property Rights vs Agenda21/UN2030 Agenda/GreatReset again, just like the Bundy Ranch

23:01 “Sanctuary City” applied to defending 2nd Amendment from federal encroachment? How to use nullification and anti-commandeering

27:37 NPR & CNN want you to believe 2nd Amend was about racism and slavery.  Here’s how they, and the book they’re pushing, got it all wrong

43:02 The case for Weimar Republic hyperinflation coming globally

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