The REAL David Knight Show

RADIO Wednesday 9Jun21 LIVE KHNC

June 9, 2021


0:00 Remember Americathon, the awful film from 1979? The Fauci farce has become worse than fiction as lotteries and Biden holds out promises of special privileges for the country if we achieve 70% vaccination

13:13 As Moderna pushes for full authorization of its injection — no longer designated as EXPERIMENTAL — many scientists are pleading with FDA to NOT RUSH full approval but to follow the procedure it has ALWAYS used before

20:51 CDC’s VAERS Statistics for teen injuries and deaths from Warp Speed injections

23:08 MSNBC & NYT contributor puts her racism front & center complaining about “American-ness” and “White-ness” as threats that need to be eliminated.  Obama says America should be ashamed of its history — maybe we should be ashamed of him and his white CIA family history

32:48 Left wing media has stoked violence against whites so that a jury has nullified murder charges of a black man who killed a white man in an attempted carjacking, even though he confessed to murder and there were 17 witnesses.

37:16 Christian fathers the answer to America’s race war as Korey & his daughter Royal showed — but Doug Wilson points out Roe v Wade not only killed tens of millions of babies, it also killed the family

40:00 Hard & long lockdown in Australia drives massive number of teens to suicide (here’s the stats). So why wouldn’t we abuse children to satisfy our sexual fantasies gender gaslighting them in elementary school? Burger King virtue signals about funding, with new chicken sandwich, an LGBT organization to promotes the agenda

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