The REAL David Knight Show

The David Knight Show - 2021-Jan-26, Tuesday

January 26, 2021

1:21 What YOU can do to fight the institution destroying YOUR family and America


52:08 Fauci’s GOLDEN Rule: he’s the highest paid Fed employee out of 4 million people — more than the President, more than 4-Star Generals.  And why not — he’s the absolute ruler


1:09:51 Making America GREAT DEPRESSION Again: From SpeakEasy to BreatheEasy. As the economy is driven into the ground, some go underground


1:19:28 One California City’s Civil Disobedience: A Pattern For National Resistance


2:04:10 King for a Day: look at how much Biden “Accomplished” in his 1st day.  And, why is he escalating war in Syria for a pipeline while he shuts down the Keystone Pipeline and destroys 11,000 jobs?


1:36:19 Listeners point out the surveillance agenda behind the “contact tracing” and the use of churches to abuse people’s trust for mass vaccination


1:45:35 Vaccines to be mandated for pets as well? Tagged & jabbed just like YOU.  Dr. Simone Gold on the risk assessment of COVID jabs.


2:01:06 Listener on the decline of standards of medical care as patients are isolated without visitors or witnesses to see what is happening


2:17:18 Dem’s HR1 Will Lock-in Election Corruption — And Much Worse.  Democrats have put forward a bill that would lock in every corrupt gimmick, control election laws from the federal, not state governments, and allow the party in control to remain in control by using redistricting.


2:34:51 Biden & Buttigieg’s Roadmap to #GreatReset Destruction of Mobility - the $2 TRILLION plan to destroy private cars, once and for all


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