The REAL David Knight Show

The David Knight Show - Wednesday 3Mar2021

March 3, 2021

* INTERVIEW: Ammon Bundy on his People's Rights grassroots mutual defense movement to fight medical tyranny
* #Gates makes billions as reported vaccine injuries soar by 4,000
* Abbott relents on #masks, but he's moving to the next stage
* Biden continues persecution of ranchers pardoned by Trump

Topics by timecode —

12:26 Gab: banks & govt are engaging in financial blacklisting

20:11 Threats of #BigTech purge has LifeSite talking to supporters about using Bitcoin to avoid financial sanctions

42:45 Pelosi’s HR1 bill will centralize election control while locking in EVERY corrupt election practice

54:38 Will it be Secession or Radical Decentralization & Nullification?

1:08:33 Flea collar kills 1,700 pets, injures 1,000 people

1:19:21 Snowden: Do You See What’s Going On? They’ve isolated us, and we communicate only thru THEIR screens (in a double sense of the word).  Did you consent to that?

1:31:34 INTERVIEW: Ammon Bundy on his - a grassroots network to help us stand together collectively for individual rights

2:11:23 Harbinger of “Domestic Terror” Tactic: Biden & feds come after pardoned ranchers again

2:24:13 Day 354 — wrist band pass I predicted over a year ago now a “freedom pass” tech device; Lyrics of anti-lockdown song banned by Spotify; should we thank Abbott for taking his tyrant boot off our faces and why did he relent?

2:48:01 CDC & Israeli Data Look VERY Bad for COVID Jabs — 48 times more adverse effects than the flu (which was previously the most dangerous vaccine).  And in Israel, data collected by their health ministry shows elderly dying from vaccine at a rate 40 times higher than COVID

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