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Thr 23Jun22 Polio PCR Panic / mRNA Depopulation: Sterilization & Abortions

June 23, 2022
  • Polio Panic?  Why is MSM pushing polio and why now? Kary Mullis, PCR inventor, explains how they abuse his tests
  • China requiring PCR tests for children to even go to the park
  • Trump's WarpSpeed shots are better at abortion than abortion pills with the added "bonus" of accumulation in reproductive organs
  • DeSantis, Florida and Publix back away from infant shots.  Movement builds in Tennessee to do the same
  • First they came for the menthol, then for the nicotine — even non-smokers should be concerned about FDA authoritarian usurpations
  • WaPo horrified that pregnant 18 yr old gave birth to twins and got married instead of aborting the children
  • AMA, American Medical Association, demands abortions.  Says it interjects government into doctor/patient relationship after supporting all Fauci's mandates and prohibitions
  • First "Red Flag", next ammo regulation

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