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Thr 30Dec21 RE-BROADCAST: Alix Mayer, Children’s Health Defense and “It’s a Wonderful JAB”

December 30, 2021

Hr 1 Seg 1:   

SPECIAL REPORT: Alix Mayer, Board President of California Children’s Health Defense, on court decision that affects ALL mandates, the EMERGENCY’s 4 essential parts, and the legal games being played with carefully chosen terminology


Hr 1 Seg 2:  begins approximately  43:26

R.I.P. — 230th birthday of the Bill of Rights. Dead of old age, neglect, and abuse.  Can it be resurrected?


Hr 1 Seg 3:  begins approximately 49:14

5G Frequency Band Will Interfere with Airplanes. Thousands of flights disrupted, $1.6 BILLION annual cost.  Wireless industry doesn’t care.  Does anyone care about health disruption?


Hr 2 Seg 1:   begins approximately 57:04

JFK: Secrecy Keeps Adding to Original “Conspiracy Theory”. FBI coined “conspiracy theorist” to mock those who didn’t believe the official story.  It was not only an assassination but a coup by the secret societies JFK warned us about.  Listen to his prophetic words.  Both Trump and Biden have violated law that required releasing the JFK files in 2017 with only token releases.  Biden indicates there is info that will NEVER be released


Hr 2 Seg 2:   begins approximately 1:15:50

* Biden mocks concern about his dictatorial rule — “So What”?  Says obedience to him is patriotism. 

* Jim Cramer, Mad Money, goes mad and demands Biden use military to force injections — martial law.

* Columbia University Study says TrumpShots Killed 400,000. Others say a 20x increase in vaccine deaths reported to VAERS is still too conservative based on Harvard study. But you should get it — it’s a MIRACLE!

* China is pushing a new vaccine since SinoVax has proven a laughingstock.  The new vax is by a company called CanSino — as in casino? Russian Roulette?

* More “regulatory” fraud — the approval of boosters down to 16 yrs old.  They picked 16 (not 18) for a very important and cynical reason — legal immunity for BigPharma


Hr 2 Seg 3:   begins approximately 1:31:06

* VIDEO: 4 more professional athletes are dying and retiring with heart disease at an increasing rate

* LISTEN if you dare to the pandemic song Francis Collins’ (Fauci’s “boss”)

* Multiple Catholic officials have called out this global governance for exactly what it is. 

* New Twitter dictate threatening removal for saying what CDC, WHO and many official state health agencies have said about transmission by the vaxed


Hr 3 Seg 1:   begins approximately 1:56:39

* Airline CEOs say Masks Unnecessary, Court Halts School Masks. * Pennsylvania Supreme Court strikes down mask mandate for schools saying there was NEVER AUTHORITY to MANDATE.

* “Vaccination Macht Frei”.  Using the Auschwitz banner to illustrate what is happening worldwide is NOT “shameful” as media says, but NECESSARY

* Listener letter from California: tests required of unvaxed for work, or in her case to visit an elderly relative with dementia, BUT NO TEST KITS AVAILABLE. 


Hr 3 Seg 2:   begins approximately 2:21:42

* SURPRISE! Colorado’s Democrat Gov Polis stops masks?  Says EMERGENCY is over?

* CIA, DOJ, DOD not just covering up JFK assassination — but getting away with pedophilia and child porn.


Hr 3 Seg 3:   begins approximately 02:41:37

“It’s a Wonderful JAB”.  What if Trump had never created the jab? How would things be different today?

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