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Thr 3Jun21 RADIO LIVE KHNC - How will Feds use the crisis of infrastructure hacks?

June 3, 2021

0:00 Mental healthcare crisis for youth in Colorado? Those running the system want more money to warehouse.  Can we look at the ROOT of the problem?

5:46 The “Gain of Fauci” at the expense of the world.  But will we stop this Nazi Operation Paperclip science “Gain of Function” or will it simply be used as a political football with nothing changed?

6:55 Why are we seeing so many infrastructure hacks?  What could Biden do about the meat crisis although he’s doing nothing? How is the Biden Administration already working to “not let this crisis go to waste”?  Is the public being conditioned to beg for internet control & monitoring of crypto?

22:55 Moderna is applying for FDA approval — NOT Emergency Authorization as new high profile vaccine victims surface — including reporters, the creator of the CDC tracking database

32:05 Covid-censorship — now Facebook is reported vaccine heretics to cops

36:23 Vaccine “spike” created by COVID vaccines causes vascular & lung disease, blood clots and crosses the blood-brain barrier.  Here’s the case of an American news anchor’s death

40:00 Fauci is being used as a bipartisan diversion from the real dangers of bioweapons

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