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Thr 6Jan22 Partisan Delusions One Year Later

January 6, 2022
  • Jan6 a year later.  Non-violent prisoners rot in solitary confinement, one is being starved to death.  Trump and most of the GOP don’t care and have moved on to protect themselves
  • Is the MAGA crowd ready to move on or is Flynn the new Pied Piper? It was a scam doomed to failure, a failure on Trump’s part to even TRY to stop fraud
  • How to eat in a totalitarian society.  Mike Brabo joins to talk about lessons learned living in Romania during hyperinflation and empty stores.  Growing food, connecting with community, preserving the harvest and buying clubs
  • Robots, AI, and the Metaverse come together in “MetaMobility” being sold at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show. A new buzzword from a multinational corporation selling you the lockdown/controlled, and IMMOBILIZED future
  • Technocrat makes the case that AI can finally make centralized socialism work.  Here’s how he’s wrong…


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