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Thursday 13May21 Australian State Will Require QR code scanning to Enter ALL Businesses

May 13, 2021
  • Webster’s Dictionary changes definition of “anti-vaxer” to include those opposed to MANDATORY vaccines
  • QR codes have been required to report your movements to govt in Australia for months; NOW come draconian penalties if you don’t
  • How to threaten your employer when they threaten you over vaccine mandate
  • Massive protests coming May 15
  • Dr. Michael Yeadon: COVID “experts” aren’t stupid or misinformed — call it a criminal conspiracy


2:59 Vaccine incentives! Free ticket to a state park, a fishing or hunting license and even a free ride (to the vax site) on Uber / Lyft.  Who could refuse?

10:31 Israeli group gets statistics on vaccine deaths: chance of death and rapidity of death escalate with age.  Far more Israelis & Palestinians dying from VACCINES than killed by MISSILES

22:04 Summary of the Israeli data on vaccine deaths

34:03 India’s wave of deaths is highly correlated to vaccine entry.  Deaths PLUMMETED with Ivermectin and EXPLODED EXPONENTIALLY with the introduction of vaccines

48:17 Tragic story of 3 health care workers whose lives (and their families’ lives) have been destroyed FOREVER by vaccine permanent disabilities

57:15 Rand Paul attacks Fauci for gain-of-function research at Wuhan labs — but ignores the CENTRAL issue

1:05:57 HealthCare “Expert” Chelsea Clinton Says More CENSORSHIP of Medical Info is What We Need.  Chelsea pontificates from the Vatican conference.  What is needed for their manufactured narrative? Elimination of anyone who questions vaccines as the SOLE response.

1:14:28 Multiple global programs launched to stop Speech-Crime BEFORE it happens

1:21:38 Pipeline Gas Shortage: Is There More To It Than a Cyber Hack? The company was already in BIG trouble but partisans on both sides seek to use it for political advantage and to push Russia, Russia, Russia escalation to war.

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